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About to order that best-seller, self-help book everyone’s talking about? Dead easy to do it on Amazon isn’t it – a few clicks, a couple of swipes – you are done. Child’s play. This ease of use is the reason why Amazon is among the leading names globally and ships millions of packages every day. And this is the business benefit of having a fantastic, intuitive and seamless UX.

While most B2C applications are designed to be sleek, feature-rich and intuitive tools that hook the user – the same cannot be said of enterprise applications. Considering how UX influences adoption of applications, this is inexplicable. But also an opportunity to be explored.

The challenge with enterprise UX

Let’s take the Enterprise CRM as an example of an enterprise application. Most people treat it as a necessary evil with common challenges including – accessibility, tediousness and complexity. In fact, CSO insights reveal that no more than 40% of the businesses believe they have a healthy CRM adoption.

Which means, the true value that an enterprise CRM can deliver is lost in the tangle of poor user experience.

The overarching idea that any UX is good enough as long as the job gets done. Or do superior functionalities of an enterprise application mask the need for better user interfaces? That isn’t true either. Most applications are also as complex in functionality as they are lacking in user appeal.

Allowing this problem to grow will only lead to further challenges from slower response times, lower productivity and employee disengagement! No one entering the corporate workforce in the smartphone era would want to work with interfaces that are cumbersome, and non-intuitive.

Is there a solution that can help enterprise applications such as the CRM move beyond being a record-keeping dashboard. Can we elevate it into a platform that can convert data into powerful insights that can drive more sales?

Artificial intelligence is the key.

Leveraging AI can help resolve user experience challenges and bring in more efficiency into the system. AI solves these common challenges when overlaid on an enterprise CRM:

  • Reduce multiple tasks and therefore overall effort on activities such as sales calls
  • Swift number crunching and data analysis to display crystallized data that the sales agent or manager may require for productive next steps
  •  Condense repetitive, tedious workloads and process data much faster
  •  Process data flowing in from multiple systems and provide holistic views to the salespersons on the field/managers/leaders
  •  Make intelligent suggestions and recommendations based on best practices, ideal scenarios and nudge sales people towards conversion
  •  Create a superior user experience that encourages active adoption

With AI steadily getting better at understanding why people do what they do. It can understand the objective, and come up with the data-based inputs that help in achieving it. Another good thing is that it never gets bored or tired of going through the same steps and number crunching again and again. Therefore, for any enterprise CRM to be effective and relatable in this age, it is important that it can offer solutions, intuitively and in a way that encourages users to spend more time with it.

Have you considered AI for your enterprise CRM?



Views expressed above are the author’s own.



Views expressed above are the author’s own.




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